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01 Mastering Variable Surface Tracking,
The Component Training Approach by Ed Presnall

Are you looking for a new challenge for your tracking dog?

Try VST! Component Training is widely recognized as THE way to teach tracking. This method works equally well for dogs that have already achieved Tracking Dog or Tracking Dog Excellent titles or for beginning trackers.

Breaking the complete track down into individual elements and teaching each challenge before putting together a complete track offers handler and dog the opportunity to perfect each element and assures a high rate of success. The book provides excellent information about the sport of tracking and VST in particular as well as a detailed training program to guide you step-by-step to a title. The workbook provides lesson plans and exercises using the various components. Sample training maps and tracking notes show you how to use the components in training and how to evaluate your progress.

Together the book and spiral bound workbook provide a unified � and highly successful � training program. 255 B & W photographs & illustrations (book), 110 diagrams (workbook).

All copies purchased through Pawmark will be autographed by the author.

This is what others are saying about this new book ... Lois Ballard AKC Earthdog Judge, owner and trainer of "Toad", "Hazel" and "Owen"
CT Dual Champion Sadsack The Cupid Clone MW ME
CT Dual Champion Pocketpack Flutter By MW TD VST CD RN NA OAJ
CT TC Pocketpack Voice Mail MW CD TDX ME OA OAJ RN
Mini-Wirehaired Dachshunds

Who better to learn about Variable Surface Tracking from than Ed Presnall, someone who lives, breathes, and dreams of tracking. Ed has extensive experience tracking in different areas of the country with many breeds of dogs, each with different tracking styles. His devotion to learn all he can about tracking by working with his dogs and other dog and handler teams is remarkable. Ed has learned how dogs cope with varying scenting conditions and what training methods will be successful.

I was skeptical of a dog's ability to track on non-vegetated surfaces until I met Ed and read his previous book "Component Training For Variable Surface Tracking". Since then, he has become someone whose expertise I admire and have greatly benefited from. This book covers everything from beginning non-vegetated surface tracking to preparation for tests and includes wonderful illustrations and photos. You will learn how to work together with your dog as a team, to properly prepare for the varied scenting conditions and surfaces that may be encountered at a VST test and have the confidence needed for you and your dog to earn a VST title. The tracking community is fortunate to have the benefit of Ed Presnall's fountain of knowledge about Variable Surface Tracking in this very thorough book.

Ev and Anne Campbell AKC Tracking Judges, owners and trainers of "Daisy" and "Cowboy"
CT Regina's All Days Do Right Woman
CT Regina's High Flyin' Hero
Golden Retrievers

I don't know of anyone who is more qualified to author a book about training dogs and handlers to be successful variable surface tracking teams. During the 7 years since the recognition of Variable Surface Tracking by the American Kennel Club, 70 dogs representing 25 breeds have succeeded in earning the coveted VST title. Ed Presnall owns and handled six of these dogs, in five different breeds and has trained many more dogs who have earned the title. His first book, Component Training for Variable Surface Tracking, has provided guidelines for the many possible components that, when combined, make up a regulation variable surface track. Unlike many other dog sport venues, VST is influenced by many factors that are unknown. Environmental conditions including, but not limited to weather, roads, buildings, terrain, different surfaces--both vegetated and non-vegetated - drains, vents, etc. all affect the position and movement of scent left by the tracklayer.

Variable surface tracking is an extremely complex task for the dog and the handler must be sophisticated enough to understand what the dog is trying to communicate while working the track. Over the years, handlers, trainers, and judges have learned a great deal about this sport. At first, many people were doubtful that it could be accomplished. Mr. Presnall believed it could be done from the very beginning and set out to study dog behavior, the effect of the multiple variables in many combination's, and the communication channels between dogs and their handlers. Mastering Variable Surface Tracking: The Component Training Approach provides the serious trainer with a way to think about the complexities of training a VST dog. Mr. Presnall's careful observations and analysis of many dogs and handlers in a wide variety of environmental settings, both in training and testing situations, as well as the breakdown of tracks into their components, has provided the basis for the development of this dynamic approach for training a VST dog. His thoughtfulness, dedication, experience, patience, and keen observational skills are clearly shown throughout this book. Ed Presnall is both an outstanding author and a master teacher.

The challenges offered by VST as well as the fascination with the incredible ability that is exhibited by dogs at work, compel interested handlers to continually study this sport. The more one observes and learns, the more questions are raised. Mastering Variable Surface Tracking: The Component Training Approach is a necessary and enlightening addition to the tracking enthusiast's library.

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