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01 Mastering Variable Surface Tracking,The Component Training Approach by Ed Presnall

by Ed Presnall

Component Training is widely recognized as THE way to teach Variable Surface Tracking. This method works equally well for dogs that have already achieved Tracking Dog or Tracking Dog Excellent titles or for beginning trackers.

Together the book and spiral bound workbook provide a unified � and highly successful � training program. 255 B & W photographs & illustrations (book), 110 diagrams (workbook)

All copies purchased through Pawmark will be autographed by the author.

List Price: $59.95
Price $45.95
03 Novice Nosework by Ed Presnall
A Primer For Beginning Trackers

2011 Ed Presnall

Working with an experienced trainer is an ideal way to learn, but is not always a viable possibility. The trainer’s availability, your time and theirs, location and costs often place constraints on a beginner’s resources. This, by no means, should stop you and your dog from learning the sport of tracking.
Price $13.95
04 Track Laying 101 by Ed Presnall

© 2012 Ed Presnall

An introduction to track laying designed for the novice tracker. A small, concise, yet powerful tool every tracker needs in their library.

Includes section on:

Introduction, Test Comparison Chart, Basic Information, Calculating Your Stride, Walking A Straight Line, Landmarks, Using Landmarks, Overview of the Job, Time Required, Clothing Footwear, Articles, Equipment, The Head Tracklayer, Track Laying Schedule, Heading to the Field, Who's In Charge of this Train?, Map Making, Track Laying Schedule, How Many Follow Along?, Privileged Information, Not For My Friends?, Picking Up Flags, That Happy Feeling, Hey, Where’s Everybody Going?, Test Guidelines and Procedures, Equipment, Check Your Map, The Start Flag, Individual Legs, Length of Track, Articles, Exit the Field, Re-Walking the Track, Extra Items, TDX Guidelines, VST Guidelines, Test Day Guidelines and Procedures, Glossary and Notes.

Price $9.95
About Track Laying by Betty Mueller
ABOUT TRACK LAYING by Betty A. Mueller
7 x 8.5, 100 pages, Illustrated by the author. ISBN 1-888994-18-5

Guidelines for Dog Tracking Enthusiasts. In every book on tracking, the importance of having (or being) a good, experienced track layer is stressed, but none devote more than a few pages to this important topic. How does a person learn to be a great track layer???

This book takes the mystery out of learning the fundamentals and associated skills needed to confidently lay great tracks for yourself or others.

*This is NOT a book on how to train your dog to track!! It is expressly for teaching people the fundamentals of track laying and associated skills.
List Price: $29.95
Price $23.95
Component Training for TDX
Component Training for TDX by Ed Presnall
6" x 9" Format, 247 pages, with almost 350 photos

Excellence in Tracking through Component Training

Successful competitive tracking requires the development of a large number of skills on the part of both the dog and the handler. A dog comes equipped with fabulous scenting abilities but must learn to follow a track in many types of weather, over a variety of surfaces, while encountering all sorts of distractions. A handler must learn how to read his dog, know when to stop and let his dog get back on track, and keep his dog motivated. Author Ed Presnall has developed his Component Training method to help a tracking team break down the dozens of challenges they will face in training in order to achieve the coveted Tracking Dog Excellent title.

Price $27.95
Fun Nosework For Dogs by Roy Hunter
FUN NOSEWORK FOR DOGS (Second Edition) by Roy Hunter
7 x 8.5, 116 pages, Illustrated. ISBN 1-888994-03-7

Teach your dog to enjoy using his nose! While working as a Senior Police Dog Handling Instructor for the Metropolitan Police in London, Roy has had many occasions to depend on his dog's amazing scenting ability. Here he offers his many 'kind training' ideas you can use to train your own dog... from tracking people, finding lost articles, playing cards, and scent discrimination from the kitchen cupboard... and much more!
List Price: $25.95
Price $17.95
Keeping Track by Betty Mueller

KEEPING TRACK by Betty A. Mueller
8.5 x 11, Kit in a 3 Ring Binder. ISBN 1-888994-01-0 This handy kit is designed for anyone who enjoys tracking with a dog and wants to keep accurate training maps.

The tough three ring binder holds: a laminated reusable Mobile Map Maker, the quarter-sized Pocket Tracker (see book listings), a six page set of general instructions, and 50 pre-printed map grids... ready to fill in. Helps build track laying skills.

List Price: $27.95
Price $18.95
Notebook Tracker by Betty Mueller
NOTEBOOK TRACKER by Betty A. Mueller
5.5 x 8.5, Map Blanks, wire bound.

Half page size with waterproof laminated covers, these pre-printed map blanks are field tested. Fits easily into a back pack or oversize jacket pocket.

Keep a record of your dog's progress in the tracking field! 50 blanks printed on one side with both map area and records on same page.
List Price: $19.50
Price $13.95
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